Global Network for Advanced Management


To drive innovation and create value by connecting leading global business schools, their resources, and their stakeholders.


Launched in 2012, the Global Network for Advanced Management includes 29 leading business schools from diverse regions, countries, cultures, and economies in different phases of development. A common motivation of member schools to connect is to position their students, faculty, staff, alumni and other constituencies so that they can deepen their understanding of differences and commonalities in their economies and increase their effectiveness. Member schools recognize that leaders in all sectors will be asked to contribute to the solutions of major problems that are typically complex and global.

Representing a shift beyond traditional partnership models of business school collaboration, the Global Network enables the development of innovative initiatives that leverage the schools’ comparative advantages. Leveraging network efficiencies, utilizing new technologies, building strong institutional and personal relationships, and operating with a minimum of bureaucracy, the Global Network is having a transformational effect on students, member schools, management education, and beyond.  

Guiding Aspirations

The Global Network for Advanced Management will become recognized as:

  • an institutional innovation transforming global management education and practice;
  • a global community based on connections among students, faculty, staff, and alumni;
  • an enabler of experimentation in teaching and learning;
  • a catalyst of distinctive opportunities for research and faculty collaboration;
  • a promoter of global alumni engagement;
  • a source of relevant knowledge, experience, and effective practices in global management;
  • a platform for building collaborative learning systems to address pressing global issues;
  • an effective mechanism to develop global leaders who can thrive in diverse and complex contexts;
  • a leading voice for the positive impact that business can and should have on society and the environment; and
  • a consequential differentiator for each member school.